Apply to be a Future Insurance Leaders Program mentor

Through consiliNet, a private network of professionals, we connect experienced insurance sector professionals with potential future insurance industry leaders in order to assist and develop new talent to lead this sector forward. 

These are the steps in the application process:

Step 1: complete the short online form below which includes

  • Contact details (email ID, mobile number, physical address)
  • Areas of expertise and qualification level
  • Languages which are spoken and written with business level fluency

Step 2: mentor agreement

  • Once we have reviewed your online submission details and if accepted in principle as a mentor, we will send to you a mentor agreement for signature
  • We will also require a preferred photograph and a summary curriculum vitae or resume as well as copies of relevant certificates

Step 3: mentor profile

  • Once we receive the signed mentor agreement and are satisfied with the content of the other documents we will produce a mentor profile for your review which will be provided to selected program members with your prior consent

You can read our current mentor agreement document here.

Please indicate your field(s) of expertise (you may select more than one)

Please indicate your qualification level (you may select more than one)

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