Why procurement officers should consider consiliNet

Our consiliNet members share an objective...to dedicate their knowledge and experience in support of sustainable health financing systems to achieve Universal Health Coverage. 

As a procurement professional, we can make your life easier and help you identify tried, tested and trusted advisers and subject matter experts who can understand your project needs, scope and objectives and deliver according to the six principles we demand of our members that they be:

  • Competent
  • Experienced
  • Agile
  • Accessible
  • Responsive
  • Relevant

Our members include professionals in the field of health economics and experts in health system financing, health insurance, health actuaries, microinsurance and mobile payment systems.

What has become clear is that, in may cases, consultants are driven by their employers to generate revenue for their organisations rather than providing value to clients.  It is for this reason that consiliNet was established to create a pool of highly experienced and qualified consultants as well as small independent consultancy firms which we can bring to governments, NGOs, IGOs, donor funding organisations, insurance and reinsurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, eHealth companies and others involved in the field of health system financing to support the drive towards UN SDG 3.8 - Universal Health Coverage. 

consiliNet members are professionals who meet the highest standards of consultancy service delivery and are personally vetted by our founder and Network Director.

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