What our professional network offers for members

For individual professionals

consiliNet is a private database of professionals who have experience in areas of consultancy relevant to the global drive towards Universal Health Coverage.  These professionals include health economists and experts in health system financing, health insurance, health actuaries, microinsurance and mobile payment systems.

Membership of this network means that as we become aware of potential projects we will be able to position you as a potential member of the project team of the organisation leading a bid.

Membership is open to independent consultants and freelance workers as well as those who have other employments.  In the latter case you will need to confirm that you are not impeded by your employer from undertaking such work.

For small professional firms

On occasions a project will require the services of a professional services partner such as an actuarial firm or other advisory services firms.  Membership of consiliNet is therefore also open to such firms.

As with individual members, your participation as a member firm will be strictly private other than where we position you to a client as a potential delivery partner.

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