Our agreement with network members


consiliNet is a private database of professionals.  We do not share details of individuals or firms who register with us other than when we position consiliNet members as potential project delivery partners.

We do not make public our membership list and only we have access to the list.

We will not reveal, other than to a potential client, the identities of consiliNet members and will not disclose to any third party, other than to the client and as may be necessary to any other party directly involved in a bid or a project, that the consiliNet member is participating in a bid or a project.

The Consilient Consultancy Limited, owner of the consiliNet brand and network is established in Ireland and therefore adheres to the EU General Data Protection Regulations.

Terms of membership

We do not ask members to enter into any form of contract.  However, we do have a "Terms of membership" document which details the benefits to members as well as the roles, responsibilities, financial arrangements and a few other legal matters such as compliance with international sanctions regulations.

There are no joining fees although we do reserve the right to charge a nominal annual fee (maximum 36 Euro per annum) to cover the costs of maintaining our website and email accounts.  We are currently waiving this fee indefinitely for all registrations

Where members become part of any project that we manage we will pay a mutually agreed fee for their services.  If we refer members to a third party to work on a project in which we are not involved and from which are receiving no revenue we will charge a mutually agreed introducer fee.

Our terms also include non-circumvent clauses. 

See our full "Terms of membership" document by clicking the button below. 

consiliNet is a brand of The Consilient Consultancy Limited which owns and manages this website

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