About our network

Our consiliNet members share an objective...to dedicate their knowledge and experience in support of sustainable health financing systems to achieve Universal Health Coverage. 

Our members include professionals in the field of health economics and experts in health system financing, health insurance, health actuaries, microinsurance and mobile payment systems.

Our founder has spent over 15 years in consultancy work in roles including working within a global consultancy firm, government, commercial organisations and operating an independent consultancy business.

What has become clear is that, in many cases, consultants are driven by their employers to generate revenue for their organisations as a priority above providing value to clients.  It is for this reason that consiliNet  (a brand of The Consilient Consultancy Limited which is registered in Ireland) was established to create a pool of highly experienced and qualified consultants as well as small independent consultancy firms which we can promote to governments, NGOs, IGOs, donor funding organisations, insurance and reinsurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, eHealth companies and others involved in the field of health system financing to support the drive towards UN SDG 3.8 - Universal Health Coverage. 

To be a consiliNet member you will need to meet high standards but the rewards will see you being positioned as an expert contributor to significant projects in our target areas of operation which are Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, East and South-east Europe and the southern CIS states.

About our Future Insurance Leaders Program (FILP)


The insurance sector is well known in some less well-regulated countries for its static leadership and the "revolving doors" which lead to the same "leaders" retaining positions for many years, often leaving one role only to suddenly turn up in a new C-suite role. This is not helpful to building a youthful set of new leaders for the insurance sector. 

The "FILP" initiative will work towards identifying new "leaders" and matching them with experienced mentors to produce the open-minded, young and forward-thinking leaders that the insurance sector in developing countries needs. We are at the very beginning of this initiative starting in the Middle East and expanding from therebut please follow our progress.

Our target regions of operation

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